How to Choose a Tree Service

There are quite some professionals who offer tree services and a lot of them even provide discounts if you avail of their services on a regular basis. However, some people have doubts about getting professional service for fear of getting scammed. So, if you’re the type who wants to make sure that you get in touch with the right tree service provider, you can do the following:

1. Ask for proof that the professional is legitimate You can ask for their license, business permit, proof of insurance and proof that they’re bonded. If they can’t provide any of these then simply halt any more talks with them. There are scam artists who will have fake licenses in their possession, so make sure that you don’t become a victim by checking in with the local authorities.

2. Ask for proof of their work A legit service provider can and will be able to show you their portfolio as this is going to show the previous jobs they’ve done for their past customers.

3. Ask for the location of their office Ask them where their office is located so you could drop by in case you’re planning on hiring them. Legitimate providers are always going to have offices since they know that certain customers prefer doing transactions in one.

4. Clarify the means by which you will pay If the tree service provider tells you that you need to pay right away in cash and they refuse you paying through credit or debit card, you should just turn around and walk away. A reputable provider would always want to have excellent relationships with banks and could thus receive payment in any kind. Likewise, they tend to accept payment through installment once you are satisfied with the work they have done.

5. Ask for some references from their previous customers You may want to ask them about this, and that includes information coming from their previous customers. Some tree service providers are more than willing to provide you with some of their past customers’ contact details. Once you’ve got these, you can get in touch with these previous customers and ask them how the provider went about their work and if they had problems in dealing with this certain provider, among others. The testimonials coming from them can prove a tree service provider’s reliability.

Closing Thoughts Before Hiring

Once you finish the research and review / choose a company, be especially attentive how the arborist responds to your concerns and questions compared their advice and assessment of the problem. Do they hardly advise tree removal as the exclusive option? Instead, are they surely empathetic to all your needs and suggest an alternative, safe solutions to the difficulty, thereby creating a safe environment for you and the tree? An acknowledged, certified tree care expert is a person with your and your tree’s real concern in mind. And, when the job is complete, will be one you’ll be thrilled to review and recommend for the next confused customer in need of critical, quality tree care.

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