DIY Paper Towel Holder

A paper towel holder is a regularly used item that can be found on most kitchen countertops. Holding paper towels is not the only use for this handy gadget. With a little creative thinking, and the collection of a few items you probably already have lying around the house, you can be on your way to constructing unique ways to better organize your things.

If you already possess, or if you happen to come across a pair of ice tongs, this is a great decorative way to hold a roll of paper towels. If you want to go for more of an antique look, grab an old lamp and place a roll of paper towels on its’ post. Just top it off with an interesting knob. If you’re one who loves to travel, an old globe stand is the perfect decorative piece that can also double as a paper towel holder. Rigging up a wire hanger to place your rolls on enables you to conveniently hang your towels wherever you need them to be. This is also a handy way to keep trash bags within reach as well. A towel rod works great at keeping trash bags easily accessible in your garage or shed.

Have any wooden utensils sitting around, ready to be swapped out for something new? Clean up the old ones, apply some stain or paint, and turn them into a paper towel holder. You now have an interesting yet functional new addition to your kitchen counter.
If you’re a handyman (or woman) you may have these next items on hand ready to be up-cycled. Take a flathead screwdriver and attach to a wooden wall plate for a very interesting paper towel holder. And if you’re trying to save your counter space, using plumbing supplies that you may have leftover does the trick quite nicely.

There are also various ways in which a paper towel holder can be used besides holding paper towels. Such accessories as belts, scarves, ties, and even hats stay nicely organized on a rod and hinge holder. Another great way to stay organized is by creating a gift wrapping center by using a paper towel holder to hold tape and ribbon. You can even use a paper towel holder as a way to serve guests a delicious dessert of treats, like donuts!

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