5 Easy Updates You Can Do To Your Basement

The basement is an important part of your residence, and remodeling it will not be a bad idea after all. However, one needs to have adequate money to perform this task. Although you might be on a limited budget, you should consider renovating your basement which will help to increase the value of your home. Below, we have mentioned some essential tips on basement remodeling that you can do on your own.

1. The Ceiling

The presence of exposed pipes and ducts in your basement is not desirable; however, the installation of a ceiling in the cellar can prove to be expensive. Although you might consider hanging a drywall ceiling, you need to take the help of a professional to do so. Otherwise, you can hang a drop ceiling on your own even though it will require plenty of skill. The best thing will be to paint the walls of the basement as well as the ceiling in such a way that the exposed ducts and pipes blend with the fresh coating of paint and become less noticeable.
2. The Furnishings
Adding furnishings to the basement is recommended, and it is important to stick to some tips in order to avoid spending excess cash for doing so. While shopping online or at any thrift store, try to find some inexpensive pieces which you can use just as they are. A fresh coat of paint can be effective in making any old furniture appear new once again. Moreover, make it a point to purchase objects which can serve you in various ways, for example, a sideboard table having storage baskets underneath. The use of vibrant colors and blending different styles together should help to create a funky design in the basement.
3. The Floors
It is possible to make the floor of any unfinished basement appear much better by taking certain measures. One of these would be to purchase a couple of large area rugs. Otherwise, you may also consider installing some affordable vinyl tiles on the floor. While laying the tiles, make it a point to maintain a straight line by using chalk lines. Laminate can also be used for your basement flooring, and you need not spend a considerable amount of cash for it. Apart from being inexpensive, you will also find it very easy to install laminate which will snap properly into place.
4. The Walls
The installation of drywall in your cellar can be done by yourself. Place one solid frame using 2x4s on the floor and mark the exact spot where the wall is going to stand. Place the frame upright along the board’s length. Also, place the studs at a gap of 16 inches from one another. Next, hang the drywall panels by nailing them into the proper position where the drywall’s edges meet the studs. The seams should be covered with drywall tape. Following this, cover the drywall seams and all the nail holes using mud. You can paint the walls after the mudding has dried.
5. Add Some Lighting
The majority of the basements do not have too many electrical outlets, and this make them appear gloomy all the time. You can avoid this by adding some more lighting to your cellar so that it turns out to be a properly illuminated space with a playful ambiance.

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